Yoga and Lineage: Reflections after Agniyogana

Firstly, some background...

Late last year I felt inspired to bring the the Agniyogana film to Nelson. Although I wasn't aware of it at the time, it turned out one of the key lineages that featured was the Drikung Kagyu, which happens to be my main lineage (funny how these things work!).

If you have seen the film, you may recall Dordzin Dondrop Palden Rinpoche (pictured above) and Nubpa Konchok Tenzin Rinpoche were representing Drikung Kagyu. Also featured in the film were Ani Chonyi Zangmo and Dr Sherab Tenzin, representing Nyingma lineage.

These two lineages are very closely connected - both Tibetan Buddhist Yogic traditions. The Drikung Dzogchen transmission (aka Yangzab), which is the main teaching Lama Mark Webber will be passing on in the upcoming Wangapeka retreat, is essentially a Nyingma lineage, within the Drikung Kagyu.